Call the Best Plumbing Company in Chula Vista for Qualified Slab Leak Detection and Inspection Services

Leak detection services for Chula Vista homes by licensed, insured, and bonded plumbersPlumbing leaks are not pleasant. They can destroy your flooring, walls, and other parts of your home or building. They can also cost you extra money on your utility bills. These leaks can be a result of age, stress, or poor installation. Whatever is causing the leak needs to be addressed right away because the longer water seeps into places it doesn’t belong the greater the risk becomes that you will experience costly repairs.

Chula Vista Swift Plumbing is in the business of helping homeowners and businesses with electronic leak detection and repairs. By connecting you with certified, independent contractors that are experts in their fields we help you take care of the problem quickly and without further incident.

Do You Own a Pool? Pool Leaks Are Common Concerns Among Our Customers

When most people think of plumbing leaks, they think of broken faucets and damaged pipes within their home. But pool owners may need the leak detection services from plumbing professionals, too. Water loss can occur in pools for a number of reasons, including evaporation from natural sources like the sun. However, if you notice the following in regards to your pool, you may have a leak that is slowly draining water from your pool and your wallet:

  • Air bubbles in the return line
  • Cracks in the liner or the bottom of the pool
  • Frequently filling your pool to meet your desired water level
  • Equipment incorrectly primed
  • Damp or soggy spots around the pool or a sagging pool deck

These are tell-tale signs that you may have a leak that needs immediate attention.

Slab Leak Detection Services Are Our Specialty

Have you noticed mildew forming in spots on your floor around your home? Are there fissures and cracks on your foundation walls or floor? These are signs that you could have a slab leak. Don’t waste time if you suspect a below ground leak.

Give us a call and let one of our trusty contractors come in and perform electronic leak detection services. Using innovative equipment, our contractors can find the most elusive leaks quickly. We even offer leaky water heater repair service!

Let us show you how we can save you money and protect your home with leak detection services in Chula Vista, CA.