Outstanding Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Service in Chula Vista

Highly-praised, professional garbage disposal repair service for Chula Vista residents.Installing or repairing a garbage disposal is something that requires skill and knowledge. When your disposal isn’t working as it should, you may consider repairing the unit yourself. This can lead to a problematic scenario that could end up costing you more money in the long run. This is why we recommend that when you need garbage disposal repair or installation service that you call Chula Vista Swift Plumbing.

We offer residents of Chula Vista, CA and those in surrounding areas professional repair service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you’re interested in replacing an outdated disposal or just need maintenance tips, you can count on our qualified plumbers to provide you with the best plumbing service and advice in town.

3 Ways to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Working

Garbage disposals are pretty straightforward. You insert food waste, turn on the switch, and like magic, the food is gone. However, there are maintenance tips that can help you keep your disposal working at peak performance longer than not.

  1. Be careful about what type of food waste you feed your disposal. Stay away from fibrous material such as celery, corn husks, carrot peels, and potato peels. These food scraps from cooking have a tendency to clog the disposal leading to blocked propellers.
  2. Run your garbage disposal for a full 30 seconds after all the food waste has been disposed of. Keep cold water running to help push any remaining food particles through the blades.
  3. Periodically clean your disposal by using vinegar ice cubes or lemon wedges. Not only will these household staples keep your disposal smelling fresh, but the ice cubes will help sharpen the blades of the disposal. Sharpened blades mean fewer instances of food getting caught.

Choosing a New Garbage Disposal

If you need a new disposal, we can help you select a new appliance that will meet your horsepower needs. We can explain the difference between continuous feed disposals and batch feed models. Plus all of our installation services come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our services also are in compliance with the warranties connected to all major brands including Waste King, InSinkerator Badger, InSinkerator Evolution, and General Electric.

For immediate assistance, get in contact with us at your earliest convenience. Let us tell you about our current discounts and special offers that are designed to save you money on all services including toilet repair and installation, faucet installation, and more!